How to Install Your Illuminated Address Sign Safely and Securely

Have you bought or received an illuminated house number? The guide below shows how to properly fasten the address sign to your home’s exterior and ensure the electric connection is working correctly. The kit included with your illuminated house numbers should include all the parts necessary for proper installation. If you are missing parts, please contact us.


Instructions for Installation of Illuminated Address Sign

Refer to the diagram below for installation instructions for your LED address sign.




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  1. Select a location for your illuminated address sign in an easy to drill spot (we recommend the front exterior garage wall), with easy access to an electrical outlet on the interior.
  2.  Place the sign against the wall at the desired location, and mark the wall at the top center point of the sign (see Fig. 1).
  3. Place bracket (provided in the hardware bag) with the slotted holes against the wall, so that the top center of the bracket meets the mark on the wall. The bracket should be positioned so that the narrower flange with slotted holes is against the wall, and the wider horizontal flange with regular holes is in top. Mark the wall inside the two slots (see Fig. 2).
  4. Drill two holes at the new marks with a 3/16” drill bit, 1” in depth, and tap in the plastic anchors (provided in hardware bag) (see Fig. 3).
  5. Drill a feed-through hole, approx. 2” below the middle of the bracket into interior (see Fig.3).
  6. Fasten the bracket to the wall using the 2 long screws through the slotted holes in the bracket, and ensure that the bracket is level before tightening (see Fig 4).
  7. Feed power wire attached to adapter through from the interior to the exterior wall (see Fig.5). (If the supplied wire is insufficient, an additional 22 or 24 gauge “speaker wire” will be required. Attach additional wire, if required, prior to feeding through hole in wall). *Do not plug adapter into electrical outlet until entire installation is complete
  8. Attach the LED address sign to the bracket by sliding the lip at top of unit onto the bracket’s protruding flange. Ensure that both the power wire and the wire from unit are accessible below the sign (see Fig. 6).
  9. Fasten the sign securely to the bracket with the two small screws provided, through bracket holes and into channel on top of sign. The unit’s horizontal position can be adjusted before final tightening of screws (see Fig. 7).
  10. Make wire connections between your illuminated address sign’s power wire and adapter. Fasten the connection with the two marrets (wire nuts) provided (see Fig. 7).
  11. Carefully pull excess wire from behind the wall to conceal wiring behind the LED address sign (see Fig. 7).
  12. Route the power wire toward an electrical outlet. Secure the power wire to the interior wall and plug in the adapter (see Fig. 8).

    How to Clean Your Illuminated Address Sign:

    Wipe your illuminated house numbers carefully with damp cloth and mild liquid soap. Your illuminated address sign has electric parts that should not be directly exposed to water.

    Warranty on Illuminated Address Signs

    Your illuminated address sign is guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials for one year from date of purchase. It will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Parts and labour, free of charge; shipping costs are not included.

    Warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, alterations or improper installation. Your warranty is void if repairs are attempted by anyone other than authorized service person.

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